My name is Oleg Żero and I am a data scientist consultant, specializing in algorithm development.

I possess 10+ years of applied interdisciplinary R&D experience and international, collected through working in all: academic, industrial and start-up environments while living in five different countries.

Privately, a passinate traveller, father and a big enthusiast of a garrage technology of my own production.

Technical skills

  • Python (also C and JavaScript, but used much less).
  • Data analysis & machine-learning (numpy, pandas, sklearn, keras, tensorflow).
  • Mathematics, statistics and physics (probabilitstic models, ODE-based models).
  • Web development (experience with AWS, Azure, Docker, Django and React.js).

Non-technical skills

  • Technical leadership - brought a start-up tech team from 1 to 12 people on an interdisciplinary project.
  • Handling undertainty - created functional prototypes from scratch serveral times in the past.
  • Teaching others - take a look at my video courses on Helion (pl) or my youtube channel (en).
  • Remote work - working remotely for over 5 years, and nobody complained ;).

Past R&D projects

  • Deep Learning Dehydration Monitoring - link - a medical device prototype that made it to the Danish National TV.
  • Mobile phone touchscreens - link - reduced prototyping cycles from three weeks down to 3-5 hours using simulations.
  • Reverse-engineered a professional software framework - link - created tutorials on how to use professional tools for programming custom hadware.
  • Improved a silicon gas sensor - article - improved the design of an optical micro-machined micro systemsensor .
  • Invented a very small microphone - came up with the design of an optical microphone of 1.5-by-4.1 µm2 footprint link, conference 1, conference 2.
  • Quantum statistics on steroids - link - conducted research that resulted in an ultra-short MSc thesis and got me to a first conference.



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