Newsletter issue #2

The first µ-tutorial is in the making!

Apr 14, 2021

The first µ-tutorial is in the making!


The first µ-tutorial is in the making!

Some time ago, I have encouraged you to give me feedback concerning the content I deliver. Interestingly, it seems like you equally prefer both a ground level how-to guides as well a more advanced write-ups that you can directly apply to your tasks. Although that may sound contradictory at first, it really isn’t.

If I can point you to one and one only library to get 90% of your data-related work done using python, that would be the good old numpy. Yes. Despite a big community, wide ecosystem and abundance of resources, numpy is not so obvious! It is a library, that you will not learn in 10 minutes (no matter how much some Youtubers would try to persuade you otherwise). To get things right, quick and elegant you need to play by “numpy rules”.

Because of this (and because 99% of data work with python is built on this library), I have chosen to make my first µ-tutorial about numpy. If you are a new to the data science or python, it’s a must-know. Period. However, even if you consider yourself fluent with python or even numpy, I would still encourage you to go through the tutorial. Trust me, even I have learnt a few new things when preparing it! ;)

The tutorial will be completely free! Right now, I am sort of half way done, so expect the release within two weeks. I will let you know as soon as it is ready! Meanwhile, if you have more suggestions or requests, please fill out the form or ping me at

See you soon!