Developing software for innovative products.

Trondheim, Norway.




It is my belief that machines will grant us the freedom to see the world beyond the capability of human senses.

Therefore, I decided to experience the world through exposure to different technologies.

I program machines to act in new ways and become innovative products.




My name is Oleg Żero [ɔlɛɡ ʐɛrɔ] and I come from Łódź [ˈwut͡ɕ], Poland. Right now live in Trondheim [ˈtrɔnhæɪm], Norway.


I am a software developer, passionate physicist and computer geek. Desire for novelty is what makes me get up every morning. I breathe with ideas and innovation, and I created a chemical and electronics lab at the age of 10 and my parents did not protest. They did not know...

Now, I run my private maker space – as exciting as it could be… although much safer.


A bit about my approach to problem-solving:

  • Hiking through unmapped terrain is what I enjoy the most – both in technological and literal sense. Give me a problem and I’ll figure things out.
  • Scuba-diving into the chaos of R&D, exploring the seabed and still emerging with 100+ bar of sanity happens regularly. No problem with that.
  • Technically, I possess black belt in Python, Matlab and COMSOL Multiphysics. Then blue belt in C and Java, followed by white belt in Ruby. Just give me time to smash more planks.
  • I speak math just like I do English. My favourite dialect is probability theory with more machine learning accent.
  • Having my formal education degree in photonics, I see no contradiction in seeing light as both particle and wave.
  • Minimalism is a thing of ambition: give me a linux terminal with a text editor for coding or paper and a ball pen for drawing.




Due to confidentiality issues, I am not able to disclose all of it.

"xxxTouch-Extractor - a quick capcitance extraction platform for mobile phones' screens".


These slides present a fast capacitance extraction platform indented to obtain characteristics of mobile capacitive touch screens. The tool was built using COMSOL Multiphysics, showing good match to the experimental data and automated the process.



Here are some tutorials I have created on COMSOL Multiphysics..

"Phase-sensitivity in quantum interference measurements".


Master thesis was realised within Erasmus Mundus Masters Programme in Photonics (2010), under prof. Björk's supervision at KTH in Stockholm. It was then defended and awarded best MSc thesis within EMMP 2010.


"Detecting ultrasonic vibrations using Si-integrated optical sensor.


This is a collection of work and ideas developed towards the PhD degree duing three years of research. Although, I decided to resign from the programme after three years, the time invested in learning numerical simulation tools and programming paid off during my next assignment.




Developing software for innovative products.


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