Newsletter issue #5

Focus on what is relevant and best practices

Jun 10, 2021


How are you?

The last four weeks I have spent on writing articles and working on creating material for a new µ-tutorial course. It takes an enormous amount of time, but hopefully you will have something to work with.

Stuff to read and digest

As for the first part, I have issued three articles, where I focus on what is relevant:

  1. Technical skills that make you unsinkable in tech - this article has reached popularity beyond what I expected, so let me re-send you a link, in case you haven’t read it already.
  2. Non-technical skills that make you unsinkable in tech - a follow-up article, where the soft-skills are discussed. After all, we need to be both proficient at what we do, but also stay human beings!
  3. Data analysis practices that make you stand out - discusses processes that make data analyses easier to manage, including the best code practices.

New stuff pending!

When it comes to the courses, my target is to start my µ-tutorial platform with short courses focusing on practical aspects of data analysis. Most likely, I will start with an overview of NLP methods and target it towards extracting information from text that can reinforce the process of data analysis. After all, most of the Internet is text, so NLP is a powerful tool for helping us getting better insights.

Expect the course to be released at some point during the summer. Meanwhile, stay tuned for more articles!

Thanks for staying with me and good luck on your projects!