Newsletter issue #1

Hello! Finally got (re)started.

Mar 30, 2021

I got started on YouTube, at last

The last three weeks, I have spent setting up the recording studio. The plan is to shoot screencast µ-tutorials (as I call them), and for that I want the top audio and video quality. Finally, after many days of dampening the walls, and setting up mics and cameras (with all those weird Linux drivers involved), I have finally created the studio. Now, the Zen cave is up and running, ready for the creative process. ;)

You can see the result here:

The first YouTube video

So what is the plan now?

The plan is to work on two tracks: I will try to keep up with writing blog posts as before, so expect releases every 4 to 6 weeks (depending on the conditions, of course). In addition, I have started drafting the plan for the µ-tutorials. I want to give them a strong applied nature, meaning, I will try to focus on practical application of popular python libraries rather than on the libraries themselves.

As always, let me know of your suggestions, please! (

Take care!