Eye o'Spy


The Eye o’Spy is just yet another customized system for protecting your home, featuring Raspberry Pi and Motion program. In this version of the system, motion detection is followed by automatic email notification and supplemented with network connectivity.

Thief detected!

The result of seing my favourite thief from afar…

Figure 1. Remote spying on my cat.


There are several features that I wanted this camera to possess.

  • The video stream should be available outside of the Local Area Network (e.g. home WiFi).
  • Any detected motion should be recorded and the video file should be sent by email.
  • It should be possible to activate or deactivate the camera remotely.

So… this isn’t rocket science. However, since I often benefit from the work of others, I feel it would be great to sort of return the favour. Please, feel free to use this work.

Hardware considerations

The hardware is limited to the Raspberry Pi board, WiFi dongle, IR camera module (normal camera can be used too), and 3D-printed package. Of course, there is also an SD card that serves as a hard drive. Generally, there are no special requirements regarding the hardware. All can be learned from the Raspberry Pi documentation.

image 1
Figure 2. Final installation of the camera.

What has been done

Quite honestly, this documentation is a combination of several projects and manuals written by others. What is new, however, is the way the elements of these projects are connected together in this exact project. I will try to justify the usage of the elements that I implemented, but I will refer you to the originals.